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Oxford 2004

18 marzo 2012

Understand the purest poet ever existed and admire the finest city in the world. Feel the creativity and inspiration that emanate from its spires, flooding the streets with Romantic verses and endless strings of imagination. Let the tides guide you through the intricate streets of mesmerising beauty and fill your imagination with stories of centuries past. Let your mind rest in the fresh meadows behind Christ Church, stroll along the river Thames, inhale nature and culture at equal parts and let your mind be taken. Grasp a glimpse of Oxford and be amazed forever.

Wake up.

Give yourself an hour and a half and you’ll get to the centre of the rush and chaos. Roll down the stomach of the monster, stop at every corner to admire a newer, even more impressive sight. Take a futuristic train, roll from rooftop to rooftop and from skyscraper to skyscraper. Stop at point zero and admire the city under your feet. Hop on a bus, let it take you anywhere. It’ll be fine as long as you got a camera. Try a galactic outfit and dance to a music you don’t understand. Fall in love. Do whatever you feel like: in London noone would judge you bad.




17 diciembre 2009

Anónimo García was breed in a working class family in the outskirts of Zaragoza, a provincial city in NE Spain. As a young adult, his ideals (mainly multiculturalism, freedom, creativity, self-realisation, architectural beauty, environmentally sustainable living and respect for other living beings, among others) made him feel severely disappointed with his hometown and his fellow countrymen. In opposition, his arrival to Oxford in 2004 and London in 2005 left a profound positive mark on him, as he experimented how both cities embraced or promoted most of these ideals. London also offered him the chance to fulfil his potential in multimedia work, which he has used to support the Latin American community since his arrival to the city.

This series of digital photographs are a homage to the city in which García “was born for a second time”. The stills have been chosen to represent various aspects of what for him is London’s greatness, including some of his above mentioned ideals.

LONDON BEFORE MIDNIGHT View from Greenwich Park, 2007
HURRY UP, HARRY Thames Pathway in North Greenwich, 2008
EGO & ALIUM Westminster Tube Station, 2008
HARMONY OF THE OPPOSITES Trafalgar Square during Pride celebrations, 2008
ROMEO Soho, 2009
Read the review of the exhibition on page 22 of this newspaper
Visit García’s blog here.

Cada septiembre, vida nueva

21 septiembre 2007

Este año toca aquí:

El año pasado tocó aquí.

El anterior aquí.

Y hace tres aquí.


Casa pija

1 septiembre 2007



22 mayo 2007


Guitarreando en el metro

9 marzo 2007


Patineteando enfrente de la Torre de Londres

8 marzo 2007

Patineteando enfrente de la Torre de Londres

[Patinteando enfrente del Royal Albert Hall]

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